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After a tiresome day at work or at school, you definitely want to get a good bed rest. The type of the mattress that you have in your bed determines a lot of factors in your life like; how efficiently you get to rest and it also determines your health status. Many people often wake up complaining of backaches or neck aches, they even go ahead to seek medical assistance. However, these people fail to realize that the main cause of these inflammations is their mattresses. Everybody deserves the best and therefore you ought to make sure that the mattress that you lie on fulfills your expectations and that you never have to complain at all. Let your best become the paradise in your dreamland by buying our Orange County mattresses.

Maximum Comfort with Our Orange County Mattresses

Innerspring Mattress: The innerspring mattress is designed by the use of steel coils to enhance its rigidity. The shapes, the number of coils and size of coins used always differ from one mattress to the other depending on what the manufacturer wants to come up with. To prevent the customer from being hurt by the metals, the designer always adds up enough materials over and under the steel coils. These materials may be fibers, foams or sponges. At times smaller coils are added to improve the firmness of the mattress.

The main features of the innerspring mattress which in most case always determine the quality of the mattress is the type of spring used in making of the mattress. There are four categories of springs which are used in making mattresses which include; pocket coils, Bonnell coils, and continuous coils and offset coils.

Memory Foam Mattress: It is made for the people who love to sink in a soft surface as they less. This means that these people will always opt to sleep “in” the mattress. The memory foam mattress takes in the shape of the person sleeping on it easily, it makes the user feel as if the soft components are hugging him .as the name suggests, the memory “memorizes the users body and each time he or she sleeps on it, the mattress reacts to the user’s body temperature. On this reaction, it contours itself around the user. The mattress is also able to distribute your body weight equally as you sleep and thus giving you enough and even rest. People who use the memory foam mattress rarely complain of backaches or neck most cases physicians will advise this type of mattress for young kids, disabled people, those with body burns or injuries and the aged in the society.

Hybrid Mattress: For people who loves cushion, Hybrid mattresses come in handy as they are not subject to gassing off and thus customers do not have to worry about the terrible smell or allergic reactions from the gases. On the other side the clients who prefer firm mattress can also use this mattress. This is because the mattress has coils embedded in it which helps it become stable and firm. Moreover the visco elastic feature combined with the firmness brings out a lovely stable and sweet mattress.

Gel Mattress: Gel mattresses are mostly advanced memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are made by adding gel particles to the other components which are used in coming up with memory foam mattresses. The mattresses are more efficient when it comes to supporting and stability than the foam memory mattresses. The gel in the mattresses makes them the best when it comes to temperature regulation. Moreover, the gel mattresses are extremely breathable and thus clients do not have to worry about the bad foul that is in some of the other types of mattresses.

The comforts of our mattress include:

  • Plush
  • Firm
  • Medium
  • Ultra Plush
  • Extra Firm

We offer a wide range of mattress sizes:

  • Twin
  • California King
  • Queen
  • Full
  • Twin Extra Long
  • King

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