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Mattress & Furniture Wholesale Outlet started as a small business in the year 2003 and has grown over the years thanks to the faithful customers and the low prices on our quality products. With furniture and mattress stores in Orange County, it gained popularity and grew to the big store that it is today. Our warehouse has grown over the years with the same and improved services with pocket-friendly prices!

Why Choose Mattress & Furniture Wholesale Outlet?

Our products are of high-quality materials and the finest wood you can't possibly get.They are well made from first-class materials to bring the finest shapes.

At Mattress & Furniture Wholesale Outlet, we give offers that make your slumber dreams come true.You can get mattresses you have always desired that you can’t get from other furniture shops.

  • Affordable prices and availability: Our store gives a discount on literally every mattress sold each and every day. For the prices we offer, you will get more savings and high quality products every time.
  • Friendly Sales staff: Our sale team is well trained and very friendly to the client, giving all the details of the items you are looking for in a mattress.
  • Delivery: We dispatch the item to where our client is and provide free transport on the goods delivered.
  • Payment options: There all different ways to pay that are customer friendly. One is that you can do it in full, hold the item with free layaway. Paying in installments then pick the item also works at Joe’s store.
  • Location: Joe’s is situated in a serene and quiet place in the town and it is accessible to all. The interior is cozy, clean with smart interior decor that blends well with the products we sell.
  • Uniqueness: It is the only store in town that eliminates discount and has no commission.It makes all types of mattress and furniture that you cannot find in other stores. The store is opened every day of the week.

Our Top Orange County Mattress Products

We have the best type of mattress; they are comfortable, high quality and selling at a discount price at the store.

Innerspring mattress. The mattress has a steel coil that supports the mattress. There is different kind of spring mattress including those with spring connected to a single unit and Individual unit wrapped coils.

The number of springs and coils are different according to the type of mattress.

The innerspring mattress is padded with good materials and other foams and fiber it has more springs in different parts thus providing the comfort to the client.

Pillow top Mattress. It has an additional layer on top as if it a pillow, the layer can be from a variety of fiber or foam materials.

Memory foam mattress. The mattress is elastic and takes the shape of your body while sleeping. It consumes high-density polyethylene foam. It is very comfortable and affordable to all in a low price. Moreover, the memory foam mattress offers the soft touch every client desires.

Gel mattress. This mattress contains gel in the support system that helps in heat production and comfort. It is injected in foam using various technologies and you can get it in our shop at affordable prices which are accompanied by mass discounts.

Hybrid mattress. The mattress is very comfortable and of high quality, it has a combination of steel coil support and one or more types of foam like the latex. The mattress is also at a fair price in the store and will be delivered anywhere you want.

Specialty Foam mattress. The mattress uses different types of support systems. It has either polyurethane or gel and other materials. It can be produced in different shapes and color according to the consumer's taste

Bed in a box. The bed in a box mattress is made of various foam, it is very comfortable and firm enough to hold all the weight of the consumer. It doesn’t take the shape the one sleeping. This makes it special and comfortable to use.

Visit our stores to witness and take the furniture of your choice with the lowest prices ever. Our lovely sales team will take you to the shop and will help find the item of your choice. The full details will be given to ensure that you are satisfied with the product. 

We offer a wide range of mattress sizes:

  1. Twin
  2. California King
  3. Queen
  4. Full
  5. Twin Extra Long
  6. King

At Mattress & Furniture Wholesale Outlet, we take comments, reviews, and correction, positively. We would like to hear from our loyal and inspiring customers and we can improve on the few things and also appreciate on the good one that is there.

Remember, it is our duty to make your home the paradise you always want. Your work is to do the talking and we will provide our best services that you will not regret about.  We also offer credit sales and thus you don’t have to worry about the payment methods.

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